tai chi fan

At Tai Chi for All we teach Shang Gou style. The movements are similar to the Yang style with an emphasis on how the moves are used to bring about relaxation and correct breathing. The set has 108 moves, divided into six levels. We also teach Shibashi 0ne, Lotus and the Lohan Chi Kung sets. In order to improve stance, balance and raise the shen, senior students study the Yin Yang Sword, Dragon Phoenix Fan and Golden Flute.

The chief instructor is Master Robert Russell-Brown. He began studying martial arts in 1957, beginning with Judo, then learning a soft-flowing style of Ju Jutsu from Master Jan de Jong, principal of the Ju Jutsu Kan, Perth where Robert taught for many years. In the mid 1960s he studied the 'evasive' Indonesian fighting art of Pencak Silat, then pioneered the study of Japanese Karate (Shotokan) in Perth, Western Australia, receiving the rank of third dan (honorary). In conjunction with learning and teaching Tai Chi, Robert has studied Reiki (2nd level) and metaphysical healing. However, with an engineering, he has used modern scientific and medical knowledge to gain a deep understanding of how this ancient Chinese art works.

tai chi sword

Robert has been teaching Tai Chi since 1992 and is a member of the Tai Chi Association of Australia.